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How to play

Archery Tag


PLAYERS - The sport of Extreme Archery consists of teams of 4 players on opposing sides of the playing field, separated by the Neutral Zone. Teams begin the game with the same number of players on the field.


THE GAME - The game aims to score the most points during a timed Match. Points are awarded for “hits” and “catches.” A “hit” against an opponent = 1 point. A “catch” is worth 3 points when an opponent’s arrow is caught in mid-flight. When a player is hit with an arrow, they remain in the game and continue to play.


BOUNDARIES - During play, all players must remain within the boundary lines.


THE OPENING RUSH - Players take a position on their end line. Following a signal from the referee, players rush into the Neutral Zone to gather their arrows. Each team’s arrows are on their right. Players then return to their Action Zone to start shooting.


ZONE RULES - Players are “live” only when in their Action Zone. They can only shoot or be shot when in their Action Zone (behind their Attack Line). Players are not allowed to shoot from the Neutral Zone and cannot shoot at players in the Neutral Zone. Players in the Neutral Zone can only retrieve arrows and return immediately to their Action Zone. Players may not stall in the Neutral Zone and must return to their Action Zone within 10 seconds before the referee will issue a warning. A second infraction will result in a 2-point penalty at the discretion of the referee. 2 point penalties may be assessed for crossing over the opposing team’s Attack Line, stalling, shooting someone in the Neutral Zone, or being out of bounds.


ALTERNATE PLAYERS - Teams with more than four players can substitute players only between periods.


PAUSE IN GAME (TIMEOUTS) - The only timeouts are for equipment safety issues and injured players. Immediately notify the referee to stop play and attend to the injured player on the rare occasion of an injury.


PLAYER CONDUCT - Players are to respect and adhere to the decisions of the referee at all times. Masks must be worn during gameplay. Respect all players. Bows and arrows are to be used only as intended for gameplay. Under no circumstance are bows or arrows to be used as a shield, or to knock arrows out of the air. Violent or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Obscene language and/or gestures will not be tolerated.



Shooting an opponent player with an arrow in one of the following areas:

One Point - Players Body (including the head)

One Point - Players Clothing.  Any and all clothing (uniform)

One Point - Players Equipment. Any equipment (bows, arrows, masks, etc.)



3 points - Catching an opponent’s arrow in mid-flight

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