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How to play




  • Carpetball is like playing pool - Except you are knocking off your opponent’s ball into the pocket. 

  • Players stand at either end of the table.

  • Each player places seven balls on their end any way they want behind the white line.  

  • The object is to get your opponent’s balls in the pocket by rolling the cue ball (the white ball).


  • Place the “8” ball (black ball)* in the middle of the table.

*”8” Ball must be in last - if you hit the “8” ball before the others, you lose.

 - If you scratch (drop the cue ball into the pit), you bring a ball up on the table. 

RULE #2  

  • Players stand at either end of the table.

  • Each player arranges their balls within arm's reach of their end. The cue ball (the white ball) is then rolled in an attempt to knock the other player's balls into the tray.

  • Once player one has knocked all of player 2’s balls into the tray, player 2 has one more roll to try to knock the remaining balls of player one into the tray (known as the mercy roll**). If player 2 succeeds, then player 1 raises a ball on the table, and the game is repeated. 

  • The cycle is repeated until a winner is determined. 

- If a ball is knocked into the tray and bounces back into play, it remains in play.

- Players immediately lose the game if they knock any ball off the table.

**The mercy roll may be omitted in tournament play.

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